What Hollywood Can Teach Us About tumblr posts not showing up in tag

I just found tumblr posts that were not showing up in the tumblr tag. I think this is a bug. I cannot find the “tumblr posts not showing up in tag” entry to edit.

Maybe the tumblr posts are showing up here, but I don’t know. If I had to guess, I would say they are not.

As it turns out, my tumblr posts look like they are showing up in the tumblr tag. If I had to search for them, I would go to the tumblr site because I would see if any of their other posts are showing up there.

I am not sure what is happening here. Maybe the Tumblr site is taking them out of the tumblr tag and placing them in a separate section. Or maybe I am being a little picky. I am a little picky when it comes to tags, so I might not like a new tag on a Tumblr post.

You might be able to use tags in Tumblr. Just type the word tag in the search bar.

tumblr uses tags for a reason, but if you happen to have a tag that you do not want others to see, then you can simply exclude it from the tag search. For example, if you have the tag “trending” and you want any posts that have that trend “pushed” to be included in this category, remove the term trending. Of course, there is no way to ensure that you do not delete any posts that you do not want to see.

In this case, the tag trending was removed. This means that the post in question is not included in this category. Of course, if you think the post does not belong, then you can simply exclude it from the tag search.

I’m sure this is the case with a lot of posts on your blog, but I’m not sure what to make of it. It could be that the tag was already in effect or the post was never assigned to this category. If so, you can edit your post to move it into that category.

Also, when tags are removed, the pages associated with the removed tags are also removed. So, if you have a post that was tagged #tumblr-not-in-this-category, but now it is, then your post is also removed.

Unfortunately, this is the case with most posts on tumblr. Tags are not always assigned to specific posts, and even less tags can be removed. If you want to move a post into tumblr instead of taggings, then you will need to add the tumblr-not-in-this-category tag to the post. If you do not, then the post will remain on tumblr.

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