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This is a great question! I’ve never really understood the answer. I know snapchat has a notification feature, but why would you need to screenshot a conversation if you don’t need the information? AFAIK there is no way to “notify” someone on snapchat that you have a screenshot of something that happened in that conversation.

I understand the need for the notification feature, but I just don’t see a reason it would need to be screenshot. There are so many places you can easily capture an image that need to be saved. This is one of them.

Snapchat definitely needs a notification feature on the device itself, but there is no reason to have to screenshots everytime something happens. That said, there are two ways to do it. First, you could use the “take screen cap” feature in the app. It will let you save the screenshot as an image in the chat history.

I will say that once I got the notification in this app, I did not use it. I just decided to screenshot the ouput on the camera in the chat. I’m not sure if it’s because I went through the trouble of taking the screenshot or because I didn’t really care about the ouput.

Yes, the ouput will be preserved even if you dont take the screenshot. Not sure how the camera works though. There are multiple camera modes in the app. I am sure that, if you were to screenshot at a camera, the screenshot would be preserved even if the ouput wasnt.

You can make the screenshot of your video if you’ve left the camera on, but that doesn’t mean that the ouput will be saved. I do not know whether you can record and save images without the ouput, but I bet it’s not worth the time to check. The ouput is what you should be most concerned about because it’s the thing that will show all the people who have seen it when you send it on.

That is true. Now, if you just want to save screenshots but dont want to have the ouput, you can turn on ouiblock in the settings. This will be the only way you can save your screenshot. You can also turn off ouput on your phone, which you should do anyways because ouput is the only way to show people who have seen it.

Of course, if you want to save screenshots, this is no longer true. The ouput is what will be shown to anyone who has seen it. You can save screenshots by going to the “Save Screenshots” link on the ouput of your screenshot, and setting it to “Never” in the “Show” section. You can also turn off ouput on your phone so it will be saved to your account.

ouput means “outgoing content” and it is the only way to show people who have seen your phone screenshot that content.

You can also turn off ouput by going to the Settings app and searching for the Show & Hide option. In the ouput section you can also turn off the ouput of your phone and tablet and send it to an email account with a link so that it can be saved later.

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